2.6.1 (2019-01-07)

  • Added support for Pytest 4.1. Contributed by Daniel Hahler and Семён Марьясин in #253 and #230.
  • Various test and docs fixes. Contributed by Daniel Hahler in #224 and #223.
  • Fixed the “Module already imported” issue (#211). Contributed by Daniel Hahler in #228.

2.6.0 (2018-09-03)

  • Dropped support for Python < 3.4, Pytest < 3.5 and Coverage < 4.4.
  • Fixed some documentation formatting. Contributed by Jean Jordaan and Julian.
  • Added an example with addopts in documentation. Contributed by Samuel Giffard in #195.
  • Fixed TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable in certain xdist configurations. Contributed by Jeremy Bowman in #213.
  • Added a no_cover marker and fixture. Fixes #78.
  • Fixed broken no_cover check when running doctests. Contributed by Terence Honles in #200.
  • Fixed various issues with path normalization in reports (when combining coverage data from parallel mode). Fixes #130. Contributed by Ryan Hiebert & Ionel Cristian Mărieș in #178.
  • Report generation failures don’t raise exceptions anymore. A warning will be logged instead. Fixes #161.
  • Fixed multiprocessing issue on Windows (empty env vars are not passed). Fixes #165.

2.5.1 (2017-05-11)

  • Fixed xdist breakage (regression in 2.5.0). Fixes #157.
  • Allow setting custom data_file name in .coveragerc. Fixes #145. Contributed by Jannis Leidel & Ionel Cristian Mărieș in #156.

2.5.0 (2017-05-09)

  • Always show a summary when --cov-fail-under is used. Contributed by Francis Niu in PR#141.
  • Added --cov-branch option. Fixes #85.
  • Improve exception handling in subprocess setup. Fixes #144.
  • Fixed handling when --cov is used multiple times. Fixes #151.

2.4.0 (2016-10-10)

  • Added a “disarm” option: --no-cov. It will disable coverage measurements. Contributed by Zoltan Kozma in PR#135.

    WARNING: Do not put this in your configuration files, it’s meant to be an one-off for situations where you want to disable coverage from command line.

  • Fixed broken exception handling on .pth file. See #136.

2.3.1 (2016-08-07)

  • Fixed regression causing spurious errors when xdist was used. See #124.
  • Fixed DeprecationWarning about incorrect addoption use. Contributed by Florian Bruhin in PR#127.
  • Fixed deprecated use of funcarg fixture API. Contributed by Daniel Hahler in PR#125.

2.3.0 (2016-07-05)

  • Add support for specifying output location for html, xml, and annotate report. Contributed by Patrick Lannigan in PR#113.
  • Fix bug hiding test failure when cov-fail-under failed.
  • For coverage >= 4.0, match the default behaviour of coverage report and error if coverage fails to find the source instead of just printing a warning. Contributed by David Szotten in PR#116.
  • Fixed bug occurred when bare --cov parameter was used with xdist. Contributed by Michael Elovskikh in PR#120.
  • Add support for skip_covered and added --cov-report=term-skip-covered command line options. Contributed by Saurabh Kumar in PR#115.

2.2.1 (2016-01-30)

  • Fixed incorrect merging of coverage data when xdist was used and coverage was >= 4.0.

2.2.0 (2015-10-04)

  • Added support for changing working directory in tests. Previously changing working directory would disable coverage measurements in suprocesses.
  • Fixed broken handling for --cov-report=annotate.

2.1.0 (2015-08-23)

  • Added support for coverage 4.0b2.
  • Added the --cov-append command line options. Contributed by Christian Ledermann in PR#80.

2.0.0 (2015-07-28)

  • Added --cov-fail-under, akin to the new fail_under option in coverage-4.0 (automatically activated if there’s a [report] fail_under = ... in .coveragerc).
  • Changed --cov-report=term to automatically upgrade to --cov-report=term-missing if there’s [run] show_missing = True in .coveragerc.
  • Changed --cov so it can be used with no path argument (in wich case the source settings from .coveragerc will be used instead).
  • Fixed .pth installation to work in all cases (install, easy_install, wheels, develop etc).
  • Fixed .pth uninstallation to work for wheel installs.
  • Support for coverage 4.0.
  • Data file suffixing changed to use coverage’s data_suffix=True option (instead of the custom suffixing).
  • Avoid warning about missing coverage data (just like coverage.control.process_startup).
  • Fixed a race condition when running with xdist (all the workers tried to combine the files). It’s possible that this issue is not present in pytest-cov 1.8.X.

1.8.2 (2014-11-06)

  • N/A